Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lil' Stinker

I made this costume for Heidi last year. She rediscovered it a couple of days ago, and had a great time being a skunk for the evening.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Today's Art Project

Our finished product, marblized paper

Proof of Messy Fun

Pulling the paper out of the water

Putting the paper in

Watching the colors soak through

Adding the food coloring

Learning to fill a medicine dropper

Stirring the food coloring and oil together

Still trying to figure things out. The pictures are out of order, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.


" Mama, look! We're wearing queen hats!"


" Mama, look! We're wearing queen hats!"

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dinner Conversation

"Mama, I not eating this"
"What?" A very confused me asks. Heidi's shoveling it into her mouth as fast as she can
"I not EATING it"
"I don't understand."
"It just going into my mouth and into my tummy"
Oh, I guess that explains it.

Farmer Heidi

I'm learning here, so I didn' t get these pictures of Heidi helping us get started last year in with my last post. I also can't figure out how to rotate the pictures so you don't have to lay on your side to get the right perspective. Sorry.

The Blog Title

The title is still quite subject to change, but for now, my unassuming little blog has the rather lengthy moniker of "Dirt In My Oven, Grass In My Blender". It refers to my willingness to learn and grow alongside my husband as we venture into the unknown (to us) territory of organic farming. It little matters that the main purpose of this blog is to provide pictures of a certain two little girls for family in far away lands and give me a place to record my thoughts. The Title must be met with approval, and this was the only suggestion which made my man smile.

As you may have guessed, there is a story behind it. Last year we began our first official year of farming organically. We were building a greenhouse to start seeds in, but to do so, we needed dirt. Lots of it. How to you obtain organic potting soil without using your entire farming budget to buy it? Well, you make it yourself - bake it that is. I spent a couple of weeks last spring moving dirt in and out of both my ovens. It had to be just the right temperature to kill the weed seeds, yet not lose the nutrients. The odor was a rather unpleasant accompaniment to morning sickness, so despite the 50 degree weather, we flung open the windows, and let the breeze blow through.

At the same time, we were trying to come up with some innovative and inexpensive packaging. I put some newspaper and water through the blender, pressed it into a bowl to dry, and came up with a nice little recycled bowl for vegetables. Karl thought it was great, but figured it would be even better made out of grass. I didn't think it would cut down the fibers enough, but was willing to try. In went the grass. It didn't work. It did smell much nicer than the dirt, however. The next task was trying to convince my then almost two year old that dirt and grass were not common kitchen fare, but that's another story.

And so, I continue to grow and learn. To try, make mistakes, and try again. I pray I do it all to the glory of God. Have fun joining us for the journey.