Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sometimes I Shouldn't Ask

Actual conversation I just had with my four year old:

Me: "Please come Heidi."
Heidi: "Um... I can't right now"
Me: "Why not?"
Heidi: "I just stepped in the toilet"
Me: "WHY did you step in the toilet???"
Heidi: "Um...well... because I didn't know where I was walking."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

She Can Sew!

I started her with a blunt needle on plastic canvas.
Then advanced to a blunt needle and burlap.
And just last week, we pulled out the real needle and felt.
We're working on making 25 little stockings for an advent calendar. I'm hoping we'll get them all done in time for December. With Heidi's help I'm thinking we just might.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Future Designer?

While I was sewing this week, Heidi sat down and started designing patterns for me to sew. She spent lots of time getting them just so.
She even gave them names, such as the "etehobi gown" and the "beauty gown".
And designed a special one for Aunt Summer.
How fun to have her interested in the things that interest me!

When I ask her to smile...

this is usually what I get.


A Bit About Our "Schoolroom"

One of the benefits of living where we do is the ability to observe and appreciate God's creation right outside our door. It's a gift I'm already finding advantageous for homeschool. For instance, while on a walk a couple days ago, we found both fresh evidence of a visiting bear and this delightful deer skull. Heidi, fascinated, couldn't take her eyes off it and had to question me about every little detail, the tongue, the teeth, the eyes, everything.
Believe it or not, the conversation ended like this:

"Momma, is there meat in deer?"
"Yes, there is."
"Ooh, yummy, I'd like to try some sometime."

Not exactly my thought upon seeing a decaying skull.

On another note, it humors me how she can be so oblivious and observant at the same time. While running through the woods she ran smack into a tree (sadly she does this often as she's generally more interested in the world around her than in looking where she is going). Rubbing her head, she stepped back and proclaimed, "Oh, this is an OAK tree". Silly girl, doesn't see the tree, but once she hits it, knows what kind it is!

"We found a stick!"

"Can we carry it back and use it to build a roof on our play house?"

Hey Daddy! Hay Daddy?

"Okay girls, run to that blob in the field over there."" What is it?"
"It's Daddy, stacking bales on the tractor."
"If you ask real nice, he just might let you climb the bales...
and maybe even give you a ride."
"Woo hoo!"
For the record, that's a doll Hannah's holding, not Levi.
As to why Heidi's wearing a broom around her neck, I know not. You'll have to ask her.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

This Little Fellow...

-Is growing much too fast
-Is consistently sleeping 6-8 hours in a row at night (I feel spoiled, before him I didn't believe babies actually did that!)
-Has outgrown most of his 0-3 month clothes already
-Is having conversations with me (cooing and smiling back when I talk to him)
-Has a cold
-Sounds like a boy (makes LOTS of noise, grunting, slurping, squeaking constantly) -Has stolen all our hearts

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Just Like Aunt Eleana!"

My girlies wanted curlers in their hair the other night. Hannah's only lasted a couple of hours, but Heidi kept hers in all night.
And had VERY curly hair the next morning, which she didn't want me to touch after it came out of the curlers so it looked a little funny all day. She was thrilled however, and declared herself to be "just like Aunt Eleana!"


What fun to have a new member in the "cuddles in bed in the morning" club!

She Finally Caught Her Frog

A Walk With Levi

I have a wonderful Trekker for wearing my babies when I go for walks. Problem is, Levi only likes it when I'm actually moving. Continuous motion is not very common when my girls are with me (which is always) so I've been looking for alternative methods of transportation for him. He fits perfectly in the back of the jogging stroller,
but he didn't enjoy it too much,
so I had the girls walk while he rode across the seats.
It worked well. Unless my walks really are meant for exercise, in which case I don't believe stopping every ten feet to examine another stone or flower accomplished that purpose.

At least it's better than when Heidi believed it her duty to remove every pebble from our gravel road. "Momma," she would say, "Somebody put rocks on the road. No, no!"

Saturday, October 2, 2010