Thursday, August 18, 2011

Formal Gloves

I did it! I finally found a way to make gloves for the dress up box that doesn't cost a lot of time or money.
A couple of hand-me-down stretchy camisoles and about fifteen minutes and they were accomplished.
My Heidi finally has her wish and is ecstatic.
Hannah's pretty thrilled too.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Garden Helpers

Of all the chores a garden brings
I think watering
is the best
beloved of all.


Too grown up for regular naps, but still needs them occasionally, she takes them where she falls.

Celebrating Levi and Hannah

In between Levi and Hannah's birthdays we had a joint party for them with Karl's family. My family was invited too, of course, but those two thousand miles between us got in the way again.
Hannah was SO proud to be having a birthday and be sung to, I thought she was going to pop!
Levi, as per family tradition got his first taste of Momma endorsed sugar (it will likely be awhile before he gets more).
He was a little unsure at first...
but soon decided he liked it.
And dug right in once he realized it was for him.

Afterward ,Daddy seemed to think he needed a bath, then it was on to the joys of wrapping paper.

Thus ends the birthday season of 2011, A whirlwind with all five family members crammed in a month and a half, but such fun while it lasts!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hannah's Butterfly Birthday

Hannah requested a butterfly birthday this year so the girls and I spent the past week or so crafting butterflies. They had so much fun with the project that I had plenty to fill the house with by Sunday's party.
When I asked Hannah what she wanted to eat at her party I always got the same answer:
"Melon. Melon and little butterfly cakes".
I wasn't so sure the daddies in attendance would be satisfied with a lunch of watermelon and cupcakes, so I pressed, "Isn't there anything else you want?"
"No, jus' melon and butterfly cake".
"Well, others might want something else".
"Oh, that otay, Momma, ofer people can have somfing else. I want melon."
Let me tell you, this was one little girl who thoroughly enjoyed her watermelon and butterfly cupcakes. She also loved being sung to.
For everyone else I made pizza with pepperoni I had cut into butterfly shapes with a cookie cutter.

We did some fun, easy crafts and I really enjoyed how laid back the day seemed.
The kids decided they wanted a canoe ride and Karl happily obliged...
with half a canoe.

For the pinata I merely painted a paper towel tube, filled it with candy, taped the ends shut and taped on wings. Easy to make, HARD to break open!

One of the favorite crafts was the butterfly masks.
I enjoyed watching all the children fluttering about afterward.
What a fun three year old birthday idea Hannah!

Monday, August 8, 2011

"I 'ree 'ear old now!"

So said my darling Hannah all day today.
And she's right,
she really is three years old.
How did this happen?
I think I just finally got used to the idea of Heidi being that age.
Happy Birthday my adorable three year old!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011