Friday, May 28, 2010

You know you live in a cold climate when...

your little girl insists on wearing gloves every time she goes outside. Even though it's the middle of May and nearly 80 outside.
And I'm not talking garden gloves here.
I try to suggest that she may not need those gloves any more. She just looks at me as if I'm the silly one and continues on her merry way.
Even if it does make it a bit hard to hold dandelions.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

She Rides On Her Own

Another milestone occurred this week.
Heidi learned to ride her bike.
Her two-wheeled bike, or "tippy bike" as she likes to call it. I didn't get any pictures of her riding on her own, but she's doing a great job. Daddy succeeded in his goal to get her riding before her fourth birthday. And this without much time to practice because of our muddy drive and Daddy's long work hours.
This means Hannah gets the trike, a development she's thrilled with!


A long anticipated event occurred here on Sunday.
Heidi got to go fishing! While she's had her pole for almost a year, things just haven't worked out for us to take her fishing before now.
I was impressed by her casting ability and stick-to-it-ivness.
We had some friends with us and while their children would try fishing for a few minutes every so often, Heidi stayed at it for at least three hours and wanted to continue after we were done.
I realized later that the goal of fishing is to catch a fish, and as she had not yet accomplished her goal, she was going to stay at it until she had.
We tried to explain that even seasoned fishermen don't catch supper every time they go out,
but so determined was she that I found her casting into the water filled ruts in the driveway after we went indoors and she was no longer allowed by the river.
I'm proud of your determination, my girl, and I'm sure it will soon earn you a fish!

I've Missed Posting

But don't worry, we're still our normal, silly selves around here.

A couple of weeks ago my Heidi was jumping all about as usual and I asked her where she got all her energy from.
"From God, Momma," was her logical reply,"you have lots of energy too!"
"I do?" I questioned, "Where is it hiding? I'd like to find it and put it to use."
"Silly Momma, it is hiding," She laughed, "it's hiding in your tummy!"
I wonder if she has any idea how right she is.
It seems that any energy or creativity I have at this point in my life is going straight to this little one God is creating within me. He's the One doing the work,and yet it seems to take all I've got! Add to that all the various illnesses going on around here (viruses, bladder infections, ear infections, Heidi's rash that was an allergic reaction to her virus {?! - how thankful I was to discover it was NOT poison ivy as I had originally feared}) and the fact that my blood clot is now several blood clots, and I simply have not felt much creativity was left for simple tasks such as blogging. Such is life and I'm thankful for all God is teaching me through it. I hope to get back to posting soon as I have lots of fun pictures to share and I'm sure far away family is ready to see more of my darling girls again.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Shorter Moniker

For those of you who noticed the change in my blog title, I thought I would provide an explanation.
I felt from the beginning that "Dirt In My Oven, Grass In My Blender" was a bit of a mouthful, but Karl liked it, so there it was. However, it seems now is the time to shorten it.
The dirt in my oven is an ongoing occurrence. Until I can find another way to sterilize the dirt I need for potting soil, my oven will be filled with dirt every spring. That part of the title stays.
The grass in my blender, on the other hand, was a one time experiment. One I really don't plan on repeating - it was a mess to clean up after. I have also found (through researching what brings others to my blog from Google searches) that many seem to think I am indicating a type of "grass" that I personally have never had in my blender, nor do I ever want to. In fact, I would rather not be associated with that sort of "grass" at all. That part of the title goes.
So, I now blog at "Dirt In My Oven", and with the advent of rainy weather, daily wonder at the dirt that shows up in my entrance, my living room, my bathroom, my kitchen sink, my washing machine, my shoes (the ones that haven't gone outside), my desk, my table, my...well, I think you get the idea. Such is life in the country.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

From the Heidi Dictionary


As in: "Here Momma, you can sit benext to me."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Here baby, a num a num num"

I'm not really sure where she obtains her dietary ideas, but apparently rocks are considered prime baby food.

"Daddy drives the tractor wary well!"

Before all the rain this past week, the girls and I went to watch Karl cultivate the field.
That may not sound too exciting, but to the girls it was a definite highlight.
Watch Daddy's tractor go, play with rocks. What could be better?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

We've had lots of rain this past week and I've been working on keeping the girls occupied indoors. Although there are times when I send them out with their umbrellas and deal with the consequences afterward. I realized that while Heidi and I have played with buttons many times in the past, Hannah has never had that experience. One night while Heidi was out with Daddy I got out part of my button collection and let my little organizer go wild. What delight!
Another day I got out pipe cleaners and beads and let the girls make necklaces. What I love about pipe cleaners for stringing beads is that even Hannah's little fingers can have success at it.
And on yet another day, Heidi and I baked a chocolate cake with white chocolate/raspberry frosting (not all my cravings are healthy). Heidi was thrilled and declared that we were "having a celebration for God". So while we ate we thought of different things to thank Him and praise Him for. A wonderful time of worship based around chocolate cake. What could be better?!

Riding Together

Daddy and Heidi went for a horse ride last Sunday. Heidi thinks they should do it every day. I'm thankful we started with a team of steady old fellows. They put up with a lot. Especially considering that they had never been ridden before we got them. And while we've ordered new bridles, they're not in yet, so we make do with old ones that are falling apart and use lead ropes for reins when riding. We improvise lots and are learning even more, but these guys just look at us and continue on as if nothing is wrong
Hannah would have gone for a ride as well, but she was a pretty sick girl last week, so she stayed inside with Momma. No worries, though, she likes her comfort and set herself up on the couch with her pillows and blankets just so and her water and baby doll handy for when she wanted them.