Thursday, May 27, 2010


A long anticipated event occurred here on Sunday.
Heidi got to go fishing! While she's had her pole for almost a year, things just haven't worked out for us to take her fishing before now.
I was impressed by her casting ability and stick-to-it-ivness.
We had some friends with us and while their children would try fishing for a few minutes every so often, Heidi stayed at it for at least three hours and wanted to continue after we were done.
I realized later that the goal of fishing is to catch a fish, and as she had not yet accomplished her goal, she was going to stay at it until she had.
We tried to explain that even seasoned fishermen don't catch supper every time they go out,
but so determined was she that I found her casting into the water filled ruts in the driveway after we went indoors and she was no longer allowed by the river.
I'm proud of your determination, my girl, and I'm sure it will soon earn you a fish!

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