Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Little Farm Hand

Heidi spent the day with Daddy yesterday. It was great fun to see her tromping along beside him as he busily got the farm ready for spring. At one point they came for the gas can and I can only imagine she asked to help carry it, for when I looked out the window she was holding his hand and walking, pulling the wagon with the gas can in it with her other hand.

Later, I looked out the window and saw this: Apparently Karl had been cultivating and Heidi got to ride. He said she had been singing away as they went around the garden.
She informed me that Daddy let her drive too. He had let her take the lines in front of him and go around with the harrows a couple of times. "They went when I said 'Giddy up' and when I said 'whoa' they stopped!"
Just don't anyone tell her she's a wee bit smaller than the beasts. She really does think she's the boss 'o them and issues commands with all the authority in the world.

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  1. Those are great pictures! We enjoyed them!