Saturday, February 5, 2011

Making Valentines

For our Valentine cards this year I decided to use what we had around the house - quite literally - I had the girls pick up all the scraps of paper that were all over the floor (as they often seem to be with some scissor enthusiasts I have around here). Then we tore those scraps up even smaller and threw them in the blender, added some hot water and blended away. Apparently that part was really funny because Hannah couldn't stop giggling the whole time the blender was whirring. Next we stirred in some flower seeds. I found it humorous that what I had on hand were bachelor buttons and forget-me-nots.
Then the girls squished some more water out and formed the pulp into heart shapes.
Well, okay, I helped a bit with the forming.
They turned out quite cute, and the recipients can plant them in Spring.

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