Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Unexpected Vacation

Yesterday I was thinking how wonderful it is to have made it nearly half way through this pregnancy without any major complications. Maybe I could actually make it through without bed rest!
Last night I noticed a hard lump in my varicose vein right above my knee. This morning the doctor confirmed my concern. I have a blood clot. Thankfully I caught it before it got bad so a lot of leg elevation and heat should take care of it without medication.
Here I lay, not actually feeling bad, but assuming what seems to be my typical position during pregnancy, on the couch with my feet up. No accomplishing lots as I hoped to over the next few days, but at least I have an excuse to neglect the dishes!


  1. I'll be praying for you Shauna. Isn't it the way that when you want to rest you can't?
    And when you want to be up and active... you can't?
    Miserable, but I'm thankful you caught it!



  2. Oh thank goodness you caught it! My sister had a blood clot in her leg that altered her life.

    But bed rest with two busy girls running around!? Wow. Pregnancy does ask a lot of us. I hope you can't see the dishes from the couch. :)

  3. Thankyou for your prayers 'Lene. I think what I need prayer for most (other than healing) is to remember that it's important to rest. I was in such a good cleaning and organizing groove the past few days that it's hard to stop, especially when I don't feel bad and actually have some energy! I guess I need to learn to trust God's timing for things, even rest.

    Jana, It is a bit interesting trying to lie around with busy little people (especially since Hannah's new favorite perch seems to be my tummy) but thankfully God allowed this at a time when my girls are really starting to play well together and don't need Momma entertainment quite as much. It can be such a joy to watch them interact!
    One of the downfalls of an open floor plan is that I CAN see the dirty dishes from the couch. There's not too many at the moment as my wonderful mother-in-law took my girls for the day while I went to the city to get fitted for compression stockings (which should let me get up and around more once they come in next week) AND she fed us dinner when I returned tonight. Karl has a busy weekend at work, but things should relax by monday and he'll be able to help me a bit with the house. Hurrah for husbands!
    I hope your pregnancy is going well - and that you get to rest when you want to. ;)

  4. Praying for you Shauna! I know it can't be easy to lay down while your girls run around. Can't imagine it actually. I think things would go terribly awry if I tried it ;) An open floor plan would help with seeing mischeif though. You have the sweetest looking little gals, I'm sure they don't cause you a bit of concern (muffled giggle, only b/c I know what that age is like no matter what the personalities). I hope the matter corrects itself ASAP for you. Does it mean you have to be on bedrest for the rest of the pg or will it go away? Have you had this before?

  5. Thanks, Marcia! I've never had a blood clot before so this is a first for me and I'm not really sure what to expect. It did get bigger over the past couple of days, which isn't good, BUT mt compression stockings came in yesterday (a lot earlier than expected). While I certainly wouldn't reccomend them for comfort, they do mean I don't have to be on the couch ALL the time now, so that's a huge help. I'm still supposed to elevate my leg as much as possible, though, so I've been having fun coming up with craft projects the girls and I can do while I lay down.