Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hannah's Latest 'Do

"Momma, a do a hair 'ike Heidi?"
(Momma, {can you} do {my} hair like Heidi's?) I've been asked this lots lately, and am getting requests for multitudes of rubber bands, just like I put in Heidi's hair (as it seems to be the only way to make a style last for more than ten minutes with her wisps of hair).
Much to Hannah's dismay, two rubber bands seem to be the most I can get to stay in her hair for any length of time, or look halfway decent, but she's content I can at least do two.

And I think it's cute, even if Karl does say they resemble little calf horns.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE her hair! I remember the days of spiky ponytails. Oh they were cute. I look back at pic's though, and think "Why did I try to coax that little amount of hair into that tiny little ponytail?" but it was fun. I don't know if you have discovered them yet, but I found elastics that stay. Even in little wisps. Of course they take some technique to get them out (and a little bit of pain) but at least the hair stays in them.

    Really cute pics of your little miss, by the way!