Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meet Dandelion

Since she's lasted for more than a week, I decided it's time to introduce her.
People of Blogland, meet our new kitty Dandelion. Her name was an issue of hot debate around here. Heidi wanted "Miriam" like the last kitty who disappeared after a few days (Miriam, apparently, is the perfect name, as in, "I wish you would have named me Miriam, didn't you even think of it?!") while Hannah was set on "Baby" ("She a baby kitty, Momma" being her very reasonable explanation). One day Heidi suddenly suggested Dandelion and Hannah said "O-tay, Dani-lion", so Dandelion it is.
As much as Heidi likes her, I think it's Hannah who will become our critter girl. Every time she's outside the cat is either following her around...
or she's carrying it.

I'm really hoping she makes a difference in our prolific rodent population.


  1. Amen to that! We have a kitty story too, and I also, am holding my breath to see if they'll be long-term friends:-)
    So far so good, but I'm a little hesitant about the cold Winter.

  2. Looking forward to hearing your kitty story!We've gone through more than I would like in my quest for a mouse catcher - hence, nearly grown cat rather than kitten this time around. I'm a bit hesitant about winter as well, and yet, the "no cats in the house" rule will stand.