Monday, January 18, 2010

Name of the Day

Were Heidi given naming authority and she were to have a little sister, the greatly deliberated and finally decided upon name for today would be:

Apple Petonia

Sadly for her, Dad and Mom are still thinking of maintaining naming rights.


  1. Didn't Gwyneth Paltrow name her daughter Apple?
    See? Heidi's on the cutting edge!

  2. I was thinking that, but didn't mention it to her. Some of the others in the running today were Blanket and Mandarin. When I suggested a couple of our boy names to her, she quickly shot them down as girls names, and conversely told me that Moriah, Emma and Megan were boys names! Why did no one tell me what fun it would be to discuss names with a three year old?!

  3. Better surprise her in the end :-)

  4. Your little girl is too funny! That's what you get for asking a 3 yr old for help :) If Josh had been a girl he would have been Moriah. I do love that name.