Thursday, January 7, 2010

We're Back

Our trip to California was a little different than envisioned. We got a nasty flu bug that kept us in bed more than we would have liked, but it was WONDERFUL to reunite with family and to spend time simply being together. Besides, who doesn't appreciate having their mommy around when they're sick?

We did manage to squeeze some fun in, doing things such as:

Watching our plane come in at the airport. Reading with Grandma.
Playing with puzzles.
Getting together with family...
some of whom are a little more sophisticated than others.
Dressing up like princesses.
Seeing our adored cousins.
Cooking with Grandma.
Playing with play dough.
Going to the Library, the favorite part of which was the child-sized furniture.
Riding bikes.
And being spoiled by Uncle Eric, who will long hold a place in his nieces hearts as the one who gave them a huge delightfully stripey lollipop for the ride home.
Thank you, Eric, for many moments of quiet contented traveling companions!

There is much more to share, of course, but too many pictures for a single post. I guess you'll have to wait for tomorrow.

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