Friday, February 12, 2010

What I wish I had the gumption to say when others put words in my mouth or want to think my thoughts for me

"So, you're hoping for a boy this time." It's the statement I hear most often when people discover we're expecting for the third time.
"Actually," I sometimes reply, "I'm hoping for a baby". The wonder of life growing within continues to leave me in awe, and I honestly couldn't tell you whether I want a boy or a girl more. What I want is whoever this precious eternal being is that God has chosen to place in Karl's and my care. Others don't seem to get it. They assume that after two girls we must only be having a third to "try for a boy". Um, if that's all I was doing, wouldn't the outcome be a bit more predictable if I would just adopt? Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a little boy... just as much as I would love another daughter. I figure I can trust God to know exactly who our family needs.
Once we have established that boy or girl would be equally welcome, the next statement usually goes something like this, "Just so long as it's healthy, right?"
Healthy would be wonderful. In fact, I do pray for our babe's health. But does that mean I wouldn't love and wholeheartedly accept our baby should it be less than healthy? Of course not. I have been blessed by two wonderful and healthy daughters who I am very grateful for. But who am I to think that I should only have healthy children? Who am I to say that God can't place an unhealthy babe in my arms? As I said before, I trust God to know exactly who our family needs. I would love for our baby to be healthy, but by God's grace would accept and praise him for an unhealthy child just the same.
Our God is great and the gifts he gives are always good and perfect. I'm so excited about this new gift He is blessing me with and want to accept with open arms who He chooses to give, no strings attached.