Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dandelion Queens

One of the princesses was happier than the other about having her picture taken. I'll leave you to determine who was who.
But if Momma cracks enough jokes, it gets harder and harder to hide that grin...
and before you know it, a little smile breaks through.


  1. They are lovely
    and YOU
    are wonderful!

    Cracking jokes. Hm. I usually use the "SMILE D'rn it!" method. It's not very successful, so maybe I'll try your way next time I have a grump.

    Can they crack jokes to me?
    maybe I'm the grump!

  2. I have grump-like tendencies myself when I can't capture the smiles that were there moments before.
    I'm beginning to learn that the best method is to get us ALL laughing. My children could tell you, however, that I still have a ways to go.