Friday, July 10, 2009

Ladybug Crayon Rolls

"Active" barely begins to describe my Heidi. It seems that when she's awake she must be moving (well, okay, she's fallen out of bed enough times to prove she moves in her sleep too). Sitting still in church, or at the doctor's office, etc. isn't the easiest thing for her to do. I'm proud of her, she is able to do it when she forces herself to, but every so often she gives in to temptation and there's somersaults going on in the church pew (we're grateful for bloomers around here!). I've found it's not such a struggle to stay sitting in her seat (I never knew until I had her how many other positions there are possible to attain in a chair) if there's something for her hands to do. So, I started something my mom used to do. I give her paper and tell her to draw something she hears in the sermon. She's been amazing me with how much she picks up, and even though her pictures are just scribbles, she can tell me what most of them are about.
As an encouragement, since she's been doing well, I decided to make a crayon roll for her. I bought her the big crayons since it's such fun to snap the little ones and I got tired of listening to, "Please I break it again Momma?" I'm sure you could find lots of tutorials for these on the web, but I didn't feel like taking the time to look, so I made my own pattern. I had a lot of fun scraps and couldn't decide which fabric to use, so I thought, "I should ask Heidi, she always has an opinion!" I was right, she did. It was the ladybugs hands down! I paired that up with some solid fabric and set out to make an applique for the front. Another snag, do I use the purple or the orange? Yes, I am indecisive. Finally, I used both. I figured I would need another one in less than a year and since I already had everything out, it would make sense to just make them both at once. I've seen others with cute little ribbon ties, but the idea of being asked to tie a bow seventy-eight times a church service wasn't appealing, so I put a couple of loops of black elastic on mine that Heidi can put around them herself. Ah, Independence.

I think they'll do the job and look cute in the process!


  1. Those are so cute!! What a fun Momma you are! Thanks for the empathy in the first fall department. I think Karl's response was pretty funny. Jon's was unexpected too. He said, "as long you you are understanding when it happens to me for the first time..." :)

  2. So Cute! You are an artist! Bicos(Kisses) from Galicia (Spain)Betty