Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Congratulations Heidi!

After thinking we were never going to get here, we have arrived. I hesitantly announce that Heidi is a big girl who is no longer in need of diapers! There is the occasional accident, but they are getting fewer and farther in between. Daddy and I are so proud of her (not to mention thrilled to not be changing diapers for two any more).
As a special treat to celebrate, we took the girls to a playground to play Sunday evening then out for ice cream. Now I have to figure out how to explain this won't be happening every time she uses the toilet.


  1. Great job Heidi, I'm so proud of you. I guess we'll have to have that potty party some time when it works with mom.

    P.S. I have Hannah's sweater that was left at our house last time you were over, I'll bring it over hopefully tomorrow (if it works).

  2. That would be great Tanya, I still have all your tupperware!