Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Table for Two

Having run across a very perplexing question multiple times lately (most recently on Momma Bug's blog), I finally determined to ask Karl, seeing as he would be the one the answer for me would most effect. Is it more romantic to sit beside your beloved on a date, or across from them? He sat down and typed out his answer before letting me see. Here it is:

I was pondering the complexities of vehicle decisions when my dear wife appears in the doorway to the room with an equally perplexing problem. Which is more romantic..(romantic!?...uh oh!) but then she continued "to sit across from each other or to sit side by side at the table"(Is this a reminder that we need to go on more frequent dates?) My answer is in the same fashion that I answer her when she asks an opinion regarding a sewing project: I rationalize, ponder, and then make whatever it is 100 times more difficult than it should have been. We have been limited to two compromising choices at restaurants when it comes to romantic seating and hence I will promote a third. Why must we suffer the distance with a table severing our closeness in order to gaze into our loves eyes? Why must the candle light dilate our pupils so that our Love's beauty is harder to be perceived in the dimness of the establishment? Why also must we be limited in our view as we sit close together holding hands facing straight ahead looking at our plates(though it does prevent stray projectiles from flying from our mouths toward our love of our life). I believe that the proper way of sitting at the table would be to sit at a right angle to your spouse(you know, a square table). This solves many disturbing problems. You can gaze into your Love's eyes, hold hands, enjoy her beauty in the candle light as it reveals her face in the dimness of the room, and raid her food...;). Next time you go to the restaurant don't settle for a mediocre experience and insist on the ultimate romantic seating position; right angles for Mr/Mrs. Right!


  1. Well Shauna.
    I can't speak for gazing into his eyes, but it seems your man has an extremely rational brain.
    I THOUGHT you picked a good one, but this clinches it.
    Now we need only to go on a couple three dates to test the options - a scientific experiment, so to speak;-)

    For you Karl, I will say that when given the option of a square table, AJ and I agree that kitty-corner is the only reasonable solution!

  2. I certainly didn't expect such a response when I asked the question, but he says he has pondered it quite a bit when we've been out in the past.
    I agree with the need to experiment with this one a bit. We'll have to see if we can fit in a date or three soon and let you know the results.=)

  3. I knew I liked your husband! But I LOVE Analenes Idea of three dates to test this out.

    Hi, I hope all is well, life here is really crazy, as usual. I haven't been able to read all your bloggings, but your pictures are beautiful! Wonderful, wonderful babies you have.


  4. Thankyou Heather! I've been praying for you and hope some of your craziness settles down soon.
    I too am really liking the three date idea, but at our current rate of alone dates it might take us a couple of years to fulfill. We'll just have to do our best!

  5. That was great! Jon will enjoy his response. We have experimented with this subject as well! We always sit side-by-side if the opportunity presents itself. But we'll have to try the new arrangement next time.