Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Does anyone know how to clean canola oil off a plywood floor?

I only ask in case, you know, there was ever a situation, which would be purely hypothetical, in which while making mayonnaise I opened the brand new jug of oil and turned my back on it and Hannah happened to come along, see it, and decide she needed a closer view. As I said, purely hypothetical, and just wanting to be prepared in advance if such a thing should ever occur.


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  2. I know how I "cleaned" it off of very old linoleum (which afterwards, never looked shinier!)
    I layered lots and lots of old newspaper down to soak it up, then mopped with sudsy ammonia in hot water with old towels down on my hands and knees.
    Repeat until your level of exhaustion is greater than your level of toleration for an oily floor...

  3. Thanks, I'll keep that it mind should I ever need to know.