Sunday, August 23, 2009

We didn't put the cart before the horse...

but we did get the horses, and now we need a cart! With a little ingenuity on Karl's part, we were able to go on our first ride as a family last night. We're borrowing what's called a "fore cart", which is hitched to the horses and then used to pull whatever else you like behind it. For now we're using David's trailer which provides ample room for us all to ride. YEE HAW!
Heidi and Hannah, munching on apples and riding.

Traveling down the road.

We stopped to visit with our neighbor who has helped us get started with this whole horse adventure and got a few more pointers. How much we don't know!

While the men were talking, the girls had fun playing. Heidi, by climbing everything in sight and running around with the dogs trying to get them to do what she wanted them to do. Hannah, by working on that newly acquired wonderful skill of walking.

I agree with Heidi who ended the evening saying, "Let's do it again and again and again!"

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