Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

While looking through these pictures, I realized I didn't take too many of the animals we saw at the zoo on Tuesday. Rather, my pictures are of my girls enjoying the animals at the zoo. I'll leave the animal photography to those who know a bit more what they're doing - such as the friend who went with us.

I guess there is one picture of Heidi with an animal, she's making sure it doesn't bite Hannah.

Imitating the monkeys.

Hannah is thrilled with the new-found Independence that comes with walking. She wanted to go all by herself and refused all offers of hands to hold. It was slow going, but, oh, so fun!

We entered the tropical house and Heidi exclaimed, "I've been here before!", remembering our last year's visit.

All those animals, and the most fascinating part? Why the manhole of course! Maybe we really do lead a bit too sheltered of a country existence.

Heidi. Climbing. As Heidi is prone to do.

Enjoying a fountain.

I asked Heidi what her favorite part was and she said it was the elephants. That humored me a bit as there weren't any, but later she told me she really liked the owls. How fun to see some more of God's wonderful creation!

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