Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Of Those Days

Just as I hit "publish" on the last post, I heard Heidi calling from the bathroom:
"Momma, come, I need you! The toilet is having troubles flushing!"
"Troubles?" I asked as I made my way there.
"Yes," she responded, "I think it have a little too much toilet paper, that why it having troubles."
Turns out half a roll really is a bit much. I'm thankful she called me when she did, when there was still half an inch before it overflowed.
Thank you once again, Analene, for the plunger!*

*While teenagers, my dear friend and I got on the topic of plungers somehow. While we deemed them to be neccesary to the running of a household, we didn't think they made the top of the list of exciting purchases to make as a newly-wed. As a result, we laughingly pledged to buy each other plungers as wedding gifts.