Saturday, November 7, 2009

Archer Heidi - The Small and Brave

I love my Heidi. She is such a feminine little girl in her insistence on wearing "wedding dresses" everywhere, which must "touch the floor", her desire to wear lip gloss and nail polish, her love for all things sparkly and pretty, her compassion for the sick and hurting, her love for her dolls and stuffed animals. She is such a tomboy in her love for mud, dirt, sand, running, jumping, climbing, animals, bugs, vehicles ("Momma, I love the sound Daddy's truck makes when it's running and he goes really fast"), weapons. Weapons??? Yes, my little girl loves weapons. I don't think she realizes yet that they can hurt people, but she thinks she needs them all. I took her to the dollar store last time we were in the city and told her she could pick a toy. She momentarily glanced at the dolls and tea sets and moved on. The tools, hammers, saws and such held her attention a little longer. Then she saw them, what every girl must have, the weapons. She oohed and awed, she contemplated and debated, she spent much time making a wise choice. "I need the swords, they would be great for slashing duels" "Or maybe the guns in case there's a bad wolf, but I won't point it at people, Momma, just at the wolf". Finally she decided on the bow and arrows. They had targets too, "So I can practice very well".

And practice she has. To my amazement, she's actually become a fairly good shot - despite her hilarious stance. Beware, oh bad wolves and other frightful intruders, if you choose this house to prey upon you just may end up with a suction cup stuck to your forehead!

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  1. Gotta love a girl with a weapon...or else! LOL! My girls like to weild weapons of any kind too. I love her stance. Almost looks like she knows what to do. I think all should be wary of three-yr-olds with arrows!