Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm NOT pregnant, but...

I realized I no longer have an infant and was putting all my baby stuff away this week. Heidi, of course, asked me what I was doing, and began to request every item I put in the box. I told her I was saving these things in case God were ever to bless us with another baby.
"Oh, yes!" She exclaimed with stars in her eyes. "We could have another baby, Momma! God could give us one and I would name her Sheena! I would take care of her and love her and pat her, just like this!" as she demonstrates the patting on my leg.
"Well, it probably won't be for a long time, Heidi", I say, as I'm realizing she's now expecting a sibling within the week, "and what if He gives us a boy?"
A look of disgust passes her face, "He wouldn't do that, Momma, He will give us a little baby girl, and I will name her Sheena, or Spicy, or maybe pickley-toes. Well, maybe not Pickley-toes, but Sheena or Spicy. Yes, or Goola."

I hate to disappoint her, but I think Karl and I might do the naming if the chance presented itself, and personally, I'd be thrilled to be blessed with another little girl, OR boy, I just don't think it'll be happening within the week. As I told her, we'll leave the details up to God, He always knows what's right.


  1. I LOVE all the helpful (and creative) name suggestions. Sounds like Susanna's imput. And Clay...
    is still trying to convince us to change Bryce's name to David ;-D

  2. Can't blame him much, I remember being CONVINCED that Dad and Mom should change Cherish's name to Carrie Mary. Doesn't that have such a nice ring to it?
    Heidi's names always amuse me, they're pretty much always OUT there. Sometimes I think she would do well handing out names in an African tribe or Asian village from the way they sound.

  3. Well, if you're still following our pattern, you will have a baby boy next fall! =) Jared and I really want to get our families together sometime...we'd love to visit you! Everything you write about your girls sounds just like mine! Ruby's names that she comes up with even sound just like Heidi's. I know they'd have a blast together!

  4. Erin (or is this REALLY Jared?),
    I was thinking the same thing when Heidi determined we were having a girl! Yesterday we went to town and she was telling everyone we saw we're going to have a new baby girl. That should keep the gossipers going for awhile! I think I'll need to find a new way to explain that it's not quite so easy as making up you're mind you want one and it appears.
    You know you're welcome any time, right? Karl and I, too, have been discussing how much we would like to get together with you. Heidi loves to see the pictures of your girls on Facebook. I'm sure once together they would have a tough time parting again.
    Love, Shauna