Saturday, November 21, 2009

Karl Said Thank You

My husband said "thank you" to me today. He says it often, but today he went out of his way to let me know he appreciates "all" I do to keep our home going. I often let those words of gratitude slide, knowing I'm not deserving of them all, but today, today they went deep. Today they came on the heels of five weeks of illness for me with a new bout of sore throat and fever coming on last night. Today they came on the heels of two months of trying to clean and de-mousify (If I can use that as a word) our house and realizing just how little I can accomplish in a day and how woefully inadequate I am for the tasks of wife, mother, homemaker. Today he choose to look past my failings and thank me for trying. It went deep. It rejuvenated me. It reminded me why I do the endless laundry and dishes and cleaning and diaper changes and bed changes when there's an accident in the middle of the night. I do it because I love him, and he loves me, and we love our girls, and we all love our Lord, and as we work together through the mundane tasks of life, we can glorify Him. As we do things as unto Him, the mundane becomes glorious and our inadequacies cease to matter. It also made me ponder, how often do I thank Karl? If one thank you from him can bring about such a renewal of purpose in me, why do I so often neglect to show the appreciation I feel for all Karl does for us? I think I'll try to express my gratitude more often.


  1. I thank you too Shauna. You are an inspiration to me, and I'm so glad the Lord has allowed me a little tiny piece of your life and friendship.
    What you do with your children and for you husband bless me often and much!
    I'm so thankful for Karl in your life, and I DO know how far those husbandly thank yous go!

    I love you,

    P.S Demousify is definitely a word in MY vocabulary, and I wish it wasn't!!!

  2. that was a wonderful tribute to your dear husband. You do deserve a huge round of applause (if you could hear it I would give it) because you are such a good mommy, wife and a radiant lover of God. I can see this in the words you write and in the pictures you take. Your care and love for your family is so incredibly brilliant.