Thursday, November 5, 2009

Raking Leaves

Heidi had been anxiously awaiting this day all summer and fall. I'm not really sure where she had gotten the idea that raking leaves was fun, but it was in her head. All summer I was listening to "Please I have a rake, Momma?". When I spotted some child sized ones for a reasonable price I didn't hesitate to pick up two. Then we had a wet, cold fall in which the leaves were determined to stay on the trees. Every day I heard, "Please we rake the leaves today?", but there were no leaves on the ground. I began to be concerned that the ground would be covered with snow by the time the leaves fell! But fall they did, and there wasn't any snow yet, so on Monday, though we didn't feel well and it was a bit chilly, we raked the leaves! How happy was Heidi!

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